Thomas Schall - Lauten

I was born in 1965 close to Frankfurt. Already at an early age I've been attracted by the guitar and started learning the guitar when I came to school (at the age of 6). Soon I came in contact with the repertoire for the lute. Asking about the instrument in the 70s still the response "its the same as a guitar".
In the late 80s I finally tried to obtain a lute. There hasn't been internet yet and I visited quite some guitar builders asking about proper lutes until one pointed me to Reinhold Seiffert who told me about a certain Hendrik Hasenfuss who has been apprentice of Seiffert and who would build lutes. At that time Hasenfuss paused building lutes for a while and I finally ended at the workshop of Frank-Peter Dietrich.
Soon I started to study the lute at the conservatory in Frankfurt/Main in the class of Sigrun Richter.
Later I had classes with teachers like Lutz Kirchhof, Dolores Costoyas, Peter Croton and Rüdiger Gies. I attended workshops at Kloster Michaelstein.
on invitation of Andreas Nachtsheim and Lutz Kirchhof. I have been involved in the founding of the german lute society. I have been publishing the quarterly information as well as the musical supplement for several years: contributed many articles to the "Lauten-Info", too. I also wrote some article and did some modern transcriptions for the british and american lute societies.
I've been involved in the organisation of the two lute festivals in Dresden in 2000 and 2001. A short report of the 2001 edition could be found here.
Still at the conservatory I played together with german baroque flute player Katherine Sattler who now is working as a physician in Essen (afaik).
We often had a Cello or Gamba as an additional bowed bass.
I also organized the first player's meetings where I met Jürg Meili with whom I played baroque lute duets for more than 10 years. We produced a CD together which you can download here.
We played recitals in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic.
Juerg und Thomas
Thomas und Juerg
I came in contact with a czech ensemble for early music which I invited for a series of concerts in germany.
I have been in steady contact with a group playing modern music on early instruments which has been strongly connected to the Musikburg Sternberg and composer and teacher Klaus Harlan. Many concerts followed and a CD has been produced (which could be obtained from me).
Apart from this chamber music I played many solo recitals which resulted in the production of a CD devoted to music for the baroque lute.

Moving to Switzerland a group of swiss lute players formed itself and celebrated the ongoing 500th anniversaries of prints by Petrucci.
The collaboration with Magdalena Palec, a very enthusiastic singer has been very fructual. A highlight has been our concerts in eastern Poland.
Moving to Lungern in central Switzerland brought new collaborations although its harder there to get local contacts. Sadly the collaboration with a local recorder player will end soon. So I am open for new musical partners.
A program devoted to John Dowland's 450th birthday has been performed just once in Lungern.

I continue playing solo recitals and am playing duets with Christian Zimmermann

Thank you for your interest in my musical CV.
Thomas Schall