Thomas Schall - Lauten

Finally finished recording of nearly the entire works by Johann Friedrich Daube along with some music by Esaias Reusner

Many pieces did not make it on the CD. And the omission of some has been a hard decision. For instance the suite to which this Paduan and Allemande belong ...

I have spent some hours of the weekend recording a couple of pieces.
One has been a Suite by Phillip Franz LeSage de Richée which I already recorded on "Die Laute im Barock". I plan to revisit some of the pieces recorded on that album for Youtube.

Another branch of YouTube Activity could be to record pieces which didn't make it on the new CD.
Like this Suite in G-Minor by Esaias Reusner

One can easily hear the different sound of the Tielke and the Railich.

For a blogpost I recorded the two pieces which brought me to the lute.
When newly learning guitar I came across an edition by the late Heinz Teuchert with two pieces by Nicolas Vallet.

Slaep, Soet Slaep

and a Courante

Still I consider this music as great! Although I am more into baroque lute in the meantime.

Finally I did the recodings for a new CD "Giants of german lute art" which will contain music by Esaias Reusner d.J. and Silvius Leopold Weiss.
The recording went well and I hope I will be able to present some results very soon.
you can find a small report about the recording (in german) along with a couple of photos on my blog

Added my musical CV

A first short review (in german) of the Festival der Laute in Augsburg (Bavaria).

During Easter I tried to get the sound of a lute recorded in better quality. Most listeners/watchers agree this would be the best result. What do you think?

Finally the German Lute Society published a program of their Festival der Laute (program PDF) in Augsburg (Bavaria).

22nd and 23rd March the French Lute Society will have their Journées du Luth .
Saturday Hoppy Smith will be playing a recital on baroque guitar.
Sunday afternoon Claire Antonini will be playing a recital Les accords extraordinaires (Ballard 1638) with music by Mezangeau, Dufaut, Bouvier and Dubut.
In case anybody would know a place to stay: I would love to come (but missed to book the travel). The recital of Claire alone would be worth the travel!

9th - 11th May the German Lute Society will have their Festival der Laute in Augsburg (Bavaria).
Needless to say that they still don't have any information about the program available online. Some artists already told me privately they would perform. So I will be there.
Please contact if you'd like to meet!

24th - 31st August Philippe Mottet-Rio's 12th Atelier de musique ancienne will happen in Gruyères.
This year a theorbo will be constructed under the supervision of the famous luthier David van Edwards .
I'll try to be there at least for the concerts.

3rd and 4th as well as 10th and 11th October Geneva will be devoted to the lute Luth et Théorbes 2014.
I try to be there at least on one weekend. Please contact if you'd like to meet!

Take a look at the new Culture at home page.
I often wonder if art is just some private entertainment happening mainly within us. Sometimes I miss fresh ideas about culture, some input to widen my view. Or the open discussion about what I do. And I wonder if other feel the same.
So it apeared to me: Wouldn't it be nice to meet at a place having some wine, some meal, exchange ideas, listen to music or to someone reading literature, to watch photos or paintings. To invite other artists or to provide something by yourself. Discuss this and thus have some fun. Costs should be in the range of 20 to 30 Francs per meeting providing some money to invite and thus support other artists. Which may profit from the exchange as well.

Anybody interested? Please drop me a note!
Not just musicians but also writers, painters, photographers, ... basically anybody who is dealing with art should feel adressed by this offer.

To give it a start I will start the series (I hope it will become a series). Maybe just starting will lead to other ideas and improvement of my concept.

The LSA offers a great collection of digital facsimiles.

Newly set the lute music of the Königsteiner Liederbuch. This MS often is considered as the earliest source containing lute music in german tablature. Actually it contains sketches of songs. Without rhythmn and without given harmonic structure. Possibly making the music available helps to raise interest in making your own lute pieces out of the melodies.

Recital with Christian Zimmermann on Saturday, 1st March in Badenweiler, Sanatorium Sonneneck, Kanderner Str. 18 at 8 p.m. with music for 2 baroque lutes by Falkenhagen, Weiss, Bach and others.

My report of the Lute Player's Meeting in Cottbus .
Photos are included in the text.

My report of the first Swiss Lute Festival.
I took some photos, too.

Added a new section Online Resources for Lute Tablatures.