Thomas Schall - Lauten

Welcome to my lute page!


This site is devoted to the lute - I am a lute addict. I started playing the lute in 1989 and since then I am lost to that instrument. I sincerely hope this page provides information and possibly I am able to transport a little bit of my enthusiasm for the instrument.

Please check the news-section to get the most recent information.

The Duo CD "Galante Lautenduette" is out of print. But you can get it here as one single ZIP-File (49 MB) for free! Enjoy!

I decided to continue the series of fundraising recitals for an orphanage with school in Morogoro (Tansania) and a hostel in Khammam (India).

If you should like to support this fundraising idea I am playing lute recitals for free - giving all the income to the organisation.